Living Room Gypsum Ceiling Designs

A very common sort of wood ceiling is that the coffered ceiling – wood beams in an exceedingly pattern with wood panels between them. that is a decent look, and works nice in an exceedingly rounded ceiling or a cathedral ceiling.

Maybe you have a popcorn end on a flat ceiling, or a plaster ceiling, and it’s simply just about doing it for you. Wood pane could be a great way to hide it up, avoiding the additional work of removing it before golf shot a brand new end on your ceiling.

If your area is rectangular, you’ll use bead board or wood planks, running the beads or grooves within the shorter direction. this may produce the illusion that the area is additional sort of a sq. than a parallelogram. an alternative choice is to use hardwood flooring identical method.

A timber frame look are additional rustic (or country) trying, and it is a heap less costly and easier to realize than covering the complete ceiling with wood panels or planks. It involves putting in beams in an exceedingly crossing pattern to make “boxes” throughout the room’s ceiling.

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Solid wood ceilings will be put in as tongue and groove panels or as planks. Any wood ceiling will be stained to your required color and can bring a custom bit to an area.

Wood Veneer laminate -This product comes in sheets (usually 4’x8′) and may be purchased in 3/4″ thickness or 1/2″. once acting on a ceiling, weight is a problem. therefore you would possibly need to think about the 1/2″ panels.

Wood veneers usually have a MDF core with a skinny sheet (1/32″ thick) of wood on the finished facet. This product are less costly than solid wood, and may still look stunning. Home Beautiful

You have the choice of either staining or painting wood pane. The solid woods and wood veneers look best stained or sealed. This creates a additional natural look, whereas inflicting the pane to draw the attention and to stand-out additional.

If you decide on to color, you’ll use MDF panels. they’re significantly cheaper, however aren’t created to be stained. MDF and HDF usually return pre-primed and may solely be painted.

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